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Here are the questions we're often asked... but if you can't find an A to your Q, we'd love to hear from you. We'll answer you as quickly as possible, because we know what it's like to have a little one who can't play their favorite game!
  • Why can't I hear sound on my OkiPlay apps?

    Yikes that's no fun! But you'll be glad to hear it's an easy one to solve. Even if your iPad side switch is not set to mute, there are different ways the mute setting can be activated, with no visible clues that it is on. To add to the confusion, you can probably still hear many other apps. But panic not, here's what you need to do...
    Go to your iPad home screen, swipe your finger up from the very bottom of the screen and your iPad's Control Center panel will appear. You will see 5 buttons in the Control Center. If the last one on the right is a bell with a line through it, press it until it is a pale gray shade (not white). This ensures that your mute is not on.
    Do get in touch with us if you're having the problems on an iPhone, or if you need any more help. We know sound settings can be confusing.
  • Oh no I deleted my app... how do I get it back?

    Don't worry, it's easy to get your app back :) First, make sure you are logged into the App store with the same account that you used to purchase the app. Then all you need to do is re-download the app from the App Store. All details of your purchases are stored on your App Store account, so you won't be charged again.
  • Oops my app is locked again ... how do I get it back?

    You'll be glad to hear that this is an easy one to solve too :) First, make sure you are logged into the App store with the same account that you used to purchase the in-app content. Then all you need to do is to press on the locked content in the app and press the 'Restore' button.
    The App Store will ask you for your password so that your account can be checked for the purchase, and then your in-app purchase will be restored. You won't be charged again.
  • Do I need wifi to play with OkiPlay apps?

    No! You only need to be online to download (or update) our apps. Once our app is fully installed, you can turn off your internet connection. Which means you can enjoy playing OkiPlay apps anywhere, anytime :)
  • What's the difference between OkiPlay free-to-try apps and the fully-paid ones?

    We offer a choice so you can pick the version that works best for you. Our fully-paid apps have no in-app purchases. Our free-to-try apps have an in-app purchase (behind a parental lock) so you can upgrade easily if you're enjoying it. All of our apps except Jigsaw Puzzles have just one in-app purchase.
    Before you decide, it's worth knowing that Apple allow family-sharing with paid apps, but not with in-app purchases. With both versions, once you have paid you will be able to download the app onto any device so long as you are logged into the app store with the same account you used to purchase the app.
    None of our apps ever have third-party advertising because we don't like ads in kids apps.
  • Where can I get OkiPlay apps?

    They are available for download on the Apple App Store worldwide. They are not yet available for android devices, we hope to do this at some point in the future. Do let us know if you're waiting to find them on android :)
  • What's the newest OkiPlay app?

    We're working hard on it right now! Please do sign up to receive our emails and then we'll be sure to let you know what we're up to, when we launch new apps and if we run special promotions.

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