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  • Why can't I hear any sound?

    Don't worry! This is a common issue raised with many apps like ours that have been programmed to respect your device's mute button. Many apps ignore your mute switch so that's why you may still be able to hear the sound from some of your apps.

    It's quick & easy to solve. First, check that the side switch on your device is not set to mute. Then, double check your side-switch settings in your control center. You may find that your side-switch has been set to use as a 'rotation-lock' switch. You will need to change it back to work as a 'mute switch' before you can un-mute your device.

    Do get in touch with us if you need any further help as the sound settings on devices can be confusing.

  • Where can I get OkiPlay apps?

    They are available for download on the Apple App Store in most countries worldwide. They are not yet available for android devices, we hope to do this at some point in the future. Do let us know if you're waiting to find them on android :)

  • How do I re-download my app?

    Delete the app, then re-download the app using the same iTunes login, and you will not have to purchase it again. Please restart your device after re-downloading.

  • What's the newest OkiPlay app?

    We're working hard on it right now! Please do sign up for our VIP list and then we'll be sure to let you know what we're up to, when we launch new apps and if we run special promotions.

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