Dinosaur Games for Kids

Flying, sorting, puzzling fun!

Free Dinosaur Game for Kids on the App Store


free Dinosaur game for kids and toddler
Dinosaur game for kids and toddler on the app store Dinosaur game for kids and toddler on the app store

Our little boy loves this. He loves puzzles and Dinosaurs and this is like his own Jurassic park.

My 3 year grandson loves this game.

We love the app and great voice that is easy to hear.

Fly on your Pteranadon, rescue T-Rex eggs and race Velociraptors. Play with your favorite dinosaurs in shape-matching puzzle games.

Starting today, you’re the new Dino Park Paleontologist. Sort Dino bones, clean muddy Triceratops and play dinosaur memory games.

Chase Oviraptors in your Dino Monster Truck, and race your motorbike through the woods with Velociraptors. Brilliant imaginative role-play for boys and girls.

  • For ages 3-6 years
  • Starring your child
  • Shape matching puzzles
  • Preschool language development
  • Exciting and challenging mini-games
  • Imaginative role play for boys and girls
  • Exceptional quality guaranteed
  • No ads, no data-gathering

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